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Air  Freight

Our air freight team takes care of global air shipments from city to city, door to door

 UBL Vector  Daily flight service
 UBL Vector  Regular consolidation between China and UK / EU major airports
 UBL Vector  Services ranging from express to economy
 UBL Vector  Courier service and on-board courier
 UBL Vector  The flexibility to provide tailor made solutions on your need
 UBL Vector   Negotiation with carriers to achieve most cost-effective rate and with efficiency
 UBL Vector  International air freight customs and duty management
 UBL Vector  Full and part charter service
 UBL Vector  Deliveries to UK and EU destinations
 UBL Vector  Packing, warehousing and storing services
 UBL Vector Handling special air cargo – hanging garments, perishable, dangerous and exhibition goods
 UBL Vector  All risk insurance                                                 

                                                                        UBL Supply Chain Mangement
UBL supply chain management
Our Mission - Your Solution
                              "Our Mission is,
             by investing technoogy and people,
         to deliver innovate,customized logistics        
             solutions,and to continually exceed                                   customer's expectations."
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