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Trade Show or Event Cargo

To deliver on requested time for your urgent, time sensitive shipments, our dedicated specialists take special procedure to meet virtually any schedule and any budget. We work closely with over- seas agents to monitor your goods (and the packages sometimes) from leaving your door till it re- turns. They are in secure and safe hands during the exhibition / trade show period.

 UBL Vector   Work out the most effective solution to meet your critical time request
 UBL Vector  ATA Carnet
 UBL Vector Customs formalities - temporary export and re import, temporary import and re
         export, are operated professionally

 UBL Vector Professional transport via air, sea or road

                                                                                                                                         UBL Supply Chain Mangement 
UBL supply chain management
Our Mission - Your Solution
                             "Our Mission is,
             by investing technoogy and people,
         to deliver innovate,customized logistics  
            solutions, and to continually exceed
                    customer's expectations."
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