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Warehouse and Distribution

Tailor-made services to meet our clients’ need (in inventory control or convenient location), we carefully choose qualified sub-contractors in UK who have warehouse and distribution centre and requested service standard. We make sure that your goods are handled with particular care and in safe hands.

 UBL Vector   Dedicated Warehouse Space for Storage, in boxes or pallets, for private and business
 UBL Vector  Full order pick / assembly service
 UBL Vector  Delivery within European countries                          
 UBL Vector    Inventory Report
                                                                                                                 UBL Supply Chain Mangement
UBL supply chain management
Our Mission - Your Solution
                              "Our Mission is,
             by investing technoogy and people,
        to deliver innovate,customized logistics
             solutions, and to continually exceed
                      customer's expectations."
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