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Working alongside a host of industry-leading experts, Unibright Logistics is equipped with the knowledge and experience to solve any logistics challenges that our clients may face.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you decide what to buy, first of all is to make sure the supplier is genuine.
  • To get your shipments move with your control, buy FOB Chinese port or airport.
  • Pass your order number and supplier contact details to us. We will ensure our agent checking when the goods are ready.
  • You will get quotes from port or airport to UK door and we will update you what has happened after the order is placed.
  • Before shipments arrive, our import team will contact you to prepare customs declaration and delivery.
  • After placing the order, let us know the order number and supplier contact details.
  • Book with Amazon for stock and provide SKU and FBA labels to the suppliers.
  • We will ship to UK port / airport, and deliver to Amazon after customs releases, with FBA ID provided.
  • We can also keep stock in our warehouse and deliver when your Amazon stock level is low.
  • We can re label and re work as per Amazon request.

Yes, our warehouse will be your receiving address.

  • We can count, record, change package, etc on request.
  • We can re label and re work and re deliver to Amazon, or ship to anywhere you instruct.
  • All you need to do, is to let us know what they are, quantity and inform Amazon our address.

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Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular logistics and forwarding needs, Unibright Logistics’ dedicated customer service team takes care of all your commodities and shipments that you require. 

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